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Collecting Ladybird books

As a budding collector, always collect books that you and your family will love, possibly a series that you remember from your own nursery bookshelf! You will have much more enthusiasm for the job, and it makes our work as book sellers far more enjoyable when we see the books going to a good home! Also, decide on your budget before you start collecting. Ladybird books vary widely in their price, as does the quantity of books in each series. Two of the most popular series for collecting are 606D (Well Loved Tales) and 561 (Adventure From History).

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Tasseltip Tales - Ladybird Series 474
View current stock of this series This was the fifth series to be produced by Ladybird books - series 474. Six titles were published between 1947 and 1953, with the first three being published together in May 1947 - something that can cause confusion to collectors of first editions. The original stories were written by Dorothy Richards and illustrated by Ernest A. Aris. Ernest Aris was a prolific illustrator not only of books, but also cigarette cards, seaside postcards and jigsaws. He had also designed a...

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Ladybird Series 561 - Adventures From History
Having recently come to know more about Ladybird books in general, I have been amazed at the great interest still shown in Series 561 - 'Adventures From History'. There appears to be a variety of reasons why this series in particular continues to be so very popular today. Many people still like to collect each title as part of their full Ladybird books collection. Sometimes parents will come and buy copies for their children if, perhaps, they are doing a school...

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